A.MAZ.INN hopes to make your trip pleasant, whether you’re on
a solo experience,
a couple’s getaway,
for group fun.

That’s why we operate on our core motto which we call the “4Cs”.
Providing you with a perfect lodging experience

through the colors of our space
and an environment that just soothes a traveler’s heart.
Sunshine ── Clarity orange  (Orange)
Air ── Soothing green  (Green)
Clean water ── Crystal clear blue  (Blue)
Human ── Elegant purple  (Purple)
These elements are some of the foundations of our 4C motto.
Every time you come through A.MAZ.INN,
let our warm hospitality
welcome you,
prepare you for the adventures of tomorrow.
please you to enjoy an amazing trip.

To us,
traveling is living, living is traveling.
Protecting the environment
is our attitude towards traveling and living.
In order to fulfill our 4C motto,
we’ve made a vow to protect the environment.

Attitude towards the environment

  • Amenities:A.MAZ.INN will provide other amenities are provided upon request. This is in hopes of lowering the statistics that indicate 90% of amenities are thrown out after one use, creating waste, and burdening the environment.
  • No smoking:The 4 color elements in A.MAZ.INN are symbols of nature. Smoking is prohibited indoors. To ensure health and safety, please encourage the benefits of not smoking.
  • Toiletries:Shampoos and conditioners provided in the rooms are high quality and biodegradable. They would not cause any harm to the environment.
  • Food:Local, in season and low carbon. By reducing carbon emissions by using local food, pollution is reduced.

Attitude towards paper

  • Paper:Other than food safety concerns, we try to use recycled paper. Unless necessary, we will reduce printouts to reduce the cutting of trees and the use of bleach.
  • Packaging:We strive to simplify packaging, do away with fancy decorations, printing, and extra processes. All the while, we try our best to maintain high quality and recycle when possible.
  • Design:To solve the problems of traveling and living, all of our designs are designed to simplify lines and complications as to fulfill our 4C motto.

Attitude toward energy and water

  • Lighting:The building is mainly lit with natural lighting with the assistance of energy-saving LED lights.
  • Power usage:Complies with energy conservation regulations and reduces unnecessary power usage when possible.
  • Water usage:We equip our facilities with the water conservation stamp of approval and recycle water when possible.

Attitude toward service

Your feedback is our most valuable asset and our motivation to improve. If you find any flaws in A.MAZ.INN, please do not hesitate to tell us by filling out the feedback form and provide your suggestions. Let us strive for environmental friendliness.